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5 Things to Keep in Mind During These Unpredictable Times

5 Things to Keep in Mind During These Unpredictable Times

Here at Laundry Locations, we remain dedicated to helping laundry facilities find customers and vice versa. The ongoing challenges resulting from the new SARS-CoV-2 outbreak are simply highlighting this pledge to our customers, not dampening our resolve. We will continue trying our best to offer high-quality services while also protecting our clients and your patrons by heeding public policy.


Here are 5 things we want you to know:


  1. We’ve got your back – The most important thing to keep in mind during these unprecedented times is we’re here for you every step of the way. Between regular updates and direct contact with our representatives, we want you to feel informed, up-to-date, and supported. We have plans in place to ensure continued operation during this pandemic.


  1. It’s critical to implement and follow safe laundry facility practices – In order to adhere to social distancing recommendations and other public policies, it’s important for both laundry facility owners, workers, and patrons to adhere to safe laundry facility practices. We’ve compiled a list of tips for staying safe in a public laundry room. We recommend that laundry facility owners post a list of safety guidelines for all of their customers to follow to ensure safe operations. If you or someone you live with comes in contact with the virus, the CDC has some specific laundry tips to help curb the spread.


  1. Laundromats offer an essential service – As you’re well aware, many states have closed down all but essential businesses in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. In many areas, laundry facilities still fall into this category. If your area does fall under new curfews or social distancing policies, there are creative ways to offer services while still adhering to these stringent but necessary protocols. You could limit the number of customers allowed into the laundry facility at one time (like many grocery stores are doing) or open for a designated period to allow access to add value stations if they’re housed in offices that are closed. Be sure to stay up-to-date regarding your area’s definition of “essential services” as its subject to change over time.


  1. A balance between essential services and unnecessary activities – While laundry facilities are seen as essential services due to the cleaning services they provide to customers, that’s not to say that all of a facility’s normal practices should continue. There are some unnecessary activities that can be placed on hold or reduced until social distancing measures are lessened. Here are some things you could think twice about doing:


  • Cleaning facilities while clients are present
  • Collecting funds regularly from locations that aren’t busy
  • Removing old machines or installing new ones


Ideally, laundry providers and clients would avoid any non-essential activities in order to decrease the likelihood that the virus will continue to spread.


  1. Adhere to social distancing policies and other guidelines


It’s advisable that all laundry facility owners, employees, and customers follow the CDC’s guidelines regarding preventative measures and social distancing. For example, frequent hand washing, maintaining 6 feet of distance between people, disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces, avoiding touch your face, and other widely discussed suggestions can help reduce the spread of this virus. Keeping your employee base and customers informed about these policies helps to ensure everyone is on the same page.



We wanted to take this time to thank you for placing your trust in Laundry Locations to handle all of your laundry needs. Together, we can help fight the spread of this outbreak and speed up the recovery process. We’ll continue to offer our services and will provide any updates regarding the evolving situation when necessary.