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How To Find Love At The Laundromat; Tips And Guidance For Even The Most Awkward Of College Students

How To Find Love At The Laundromat; Tips And Guidance For Even The Most Awkward Of College Students

Nothing says romance like shoving your dirty gym socks into a washing machine, am I right? While finding your new love interest may not be your first plan when walking into the laundromat, you never know when someone may catch your eye; and you want to be ready when that happens. Here are some tips and tricks for even the most awkward of flirts.


Offer Some Help

You may be surprised how swooned people can be when you just offer a helping hand. If someone seems like they have a large pile of clothes fresh out of the dryer, go over and make a joke about your expert folding skills… There really is nothing more bonding than folding warm clothes together.


Joke it up

Remember the suggestion to joke about your folding skills? Well, in a study from psychology today, it was found woman are more three times more likely to give their phone number out to the man telling jokes at a bar compared to a man just laughing at jokes. Humor really may be the way to your lover’s heart, so study up on some laundry humor and get crackin.


Find Love in the Hate

Unless you’re a little bit of a neat freak, it’s more than likely you don’t enjoy doing the laundry. Bond with a little bit of hatred with whomever you may be interested in. Talk about how horrible the traffic was, that you don’t have time to clean clothes this late, or how expensive the machines have gotten since the 60s. Be careful with this one though. You don’t want to come off as a grouch. Pair your complaints with a lighthearted attitude and a genuine laugh then you’re good to go!


Body Language

Lets be honest, flirting in general is just difficult. You can never really tell if someone is going to shoot you down… or can you? Little hidden secret of the flirting world, body language tells all. If someone is passing by you consistently, trying to make eye contact, or showing their smile over and over then chances are they are trying to initiate something. Try to be aware of body language and always be polite, something simple like “you have a really great smile” is an easy way to open up the conversation without being too forward.



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