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How to Get Funky Sweat Smells Out of Your Gym Clothes

How to Get Funky Sweat Smells Out of Your Gym Clothes

Sometimes, going to the gym isn’t the hardest part about working out consistently. If you’re getting at it more than a few times a week, you’ll probably notice your clothes starting to emit a funky sweat smell – sometimes even after being washed. There’s nothing worse than showing up to practice or the gym with smelly clothes before even breaking a sweat. Here are some tips for how to get funky sweat smells out of your gym clothes so you can continue getting the benefits of exercise without the stinky ramifications.


Invest in specialized detergent.

 Not all detergents are made the same. You have your standard mixes that are designed to keep clothes looking and smelling fresh. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, there are specialized detergents designed for specific uses, such as removing wine stains, eliminating dirt marks, and even for getting rid of sweat smells. Browse your local supermarket, corner store, or do some shopping online for a detergent that’s designed to get rid of sweat stains and smells. There’s a good chance your favorite brand has just what you’re looking for.


Soak your clothes in baking soda.

 Baking soda is like an elixir for common household problems. It can even help you remove those nasty sweat smells out of your sports clothing. You see, washing machines can only get so many stains and stenches out of your laundry with each wash. To help maximize the effectiveness of these machines, you can soak your workout clothing in some water mixed with baking soda. Pour half a cup of baking soda in your sink and allow your sweaty clothes to soak overnight. You’ll want to stir the stench-eliminating solution every once in a while to ensure every article of clothing is impacted.


Do the same with white vinegar.

 Vinegar is another common kitchen item that doubles as a sweat-fighting and stain-eliminating solution. Simply pour some white vinegar into a bucket, sink, or bathtub that’s already full of warm water and submerge your sweaty clothes. Make sure you mix the vinegar into the water to hit every piece of clothing. Allow everything to sit for a few hours before throwing the load into a washing machine on a normal cycle. Don’t worry about the strong smell of vinegar. You won’t be swapping a sweat smell for a vinegar smell.


Use lemons to attack sweat bacteria.

You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, use them as an odor-removing agent. The high acidity of citric fruit, such as lemons, makes them effective at fighting against bacteria produced by body odor. It’s this bacteria that causes the nasty sweat smell in gym clothes. The only real way to get rid of these funky smells is by killing the bacteria itself. You can either squeeze fresh lemons or pour lemon juice directly into the washing machine, along with normal detergent. Unlike bleach, lemon juice is safe to use on colors too, not just whites.


Wash your clothes more often.

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of letting our laundry go too long without a wash – especially when it comes to workout attire. These clothes are in close contact with your skin while you sweat, soaking up all of those nasty smells and bacteria. Throwing your gym shirts, pants, and sweatshirts in a corner doesn’t do anything to eliminate this stench. If you still catch some strong whiffs from your gym clothes after a wash, there’s a good chance you’re not cleaning them often enough. It’s advisable to wash your workout clothes after each use to keep these funky smells at bay.


Whether you’re a college student living in a dorm or a professional living in a studio apartment, not everyone has enough space or money to own a washing machine. But this doesn’t mean you have to go weeks without getting your laundry clean and smelling fresh. Head on over to Laundry Locations to see a detailed map of conveniently-located laundromats in your area.