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How to Get Someone Else to Do Your Dirty (Work) Laundry for You

How to Get Someone Else to Do Your Dirty (Work) Laundry for You

The art of getting someone to do your dirt laundry for you isn’t hard to master, and will (most likely) not lead to disaster. However, if you’re new to the laundry scene there are some important tips and tricks you should try when it comes to getting other people to help out.


Trade Chores

One of the best ways to get people to do something like laundry for you, is to trade them for a different chore. Almost everyone has a chore they hate doing. Whether it’s because they grew up forced to wash the dishes every night or were traumatized by the smell of the garbage they always had to take out, you can use this factor as your selling point. Offer to trade whatever chore they hate to do if they take your laundry to the laundromat with theirs (that ways it’s not too out of their way). You should be mindful of this tactic though. Not all chores are created equally. For example, dishes usually need to do done at last once a day. So, to avoid over-obligating yourself, offer a fair trade: if you do their dishes on the weekend, they’ll take your laundry to the laundromat with them.


Pay a Friend

This isn’t the most appealing of options but for some people time is much more important than money, so this advice is for you. If you’re going to pay someone to take your clothes to the laundromat make sure it’s a good friend. I say this for two reasons. The first is that you need to trust whomever you’re giving all of your clothes to, because that is a lot of valuable material being given to one person. The second is that if you’re going to give money to anyone for doing you a big favor it should be a friend! While it is always nice to just help a friend out no strings attached, it is also nice to award friends with compensation for their nice deeds so they can grab a snack, buy a movie ticket, or pay someone else to do their laundry!



This idea works best if you have friends with kids or dogs, or they have to leave town for work a lot. If someone agrees to taking your laundry with them, offer to be their go to person for babysitting, dogsitting, or housesitting. You’ll be the on-call employee just waiting for your time to shine. However, be careful with this one because it only works if you’re willing to be available whenever the time calls! If you have a pretty steady schedule and are good with kids or dogs this is a perfect trade off!



If your friends are lot for places to go make sure and send them to Laundry Locations where they can look up the best prices, locations and benefits. Who knows, the laundromat they pick might make you wish you went and did your laundry yourself!