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How To Break The Ice When Meeting People At The Laundromat

How To Break The Ice When Meeting People At The Laundromat

Everyone is familiar with the awkward feeling of sitting in a laundromat in silence with a number of other people. While the prospect of striking up a conversation with a stranger while doing laundry may feel weird at first, laundromats are actually great places to meet new people. If you’re in college, you’ve got a great chance of meeting people who are around your age. Here are some suggestions on how to break the ice when meeting people at the laundromat.


Bring a Game

There’s nothing exciting about hanging out at the laundromat in silence while you wait for your laundry to dry. Most of the time, everyone is in their own little world listening to music or reading a book to pass the time. Bringing a game can be a great way to get everyone involved while also making the situation more enjoyable. When everyone is focused on doing their own thing, it can be difficult to spark a conversation. People are more willing to let down their guard when a group joins in to play a game. Charades and Yahtzee make for great games when you need to include a lot of people. If you’re limited for space, a deck of cards is enough to do the trick.


Take a Speaker

Silence has a habit of making social situations even more awkward. When everyone keeps to themselves, the slightest noise draws everyone’s attention. Taking a speaker to play some music can be a great way to reduce the feeling of anxiety in the laundromat. You should only do this when there aren’t many people in the room to reduce the chances of someone getting annoyed. And always check beforehand to see if everyone present is cool with it. If you get the green light, start asking other people what kind of songs they’d like to hear. Music is a great ice breaker both as a topic of discussion and a way to reduce the awkwardness of silence.


Crack a Laundry Joke

Yes, pickup lines are tacky. And themed jokes probably fall into that category. But when they’re delivered tactfully, they can be a great ice breaker. Sometimes you only have an interest in talking to one person at the laundromat. Whether you’re romantically interested or just looking for an intriguing conversation, cracking a laundry related joke could be the perfect opener. It’ll be unexpected for sure, but not completely out of left field. And if it lands, you’ll have a smooth transition to introducing yourself and continuing the conversation.


Bring a Friend

Social interactions are always easier when you’re with people you know. If you get anxious around strangers, bring a friend to the laundromat to relieve some tension. After all, there’s a good chance your friend will have to use the same laundromat. You might as well go together. Strangers may also be more willing to engage in a conversation if you’re with another friend or group of people.


Offer Some Snacks and Drinks

Nothing brings strangers closer together than some refreshing drinks and tasty snacks. There’s something very intimate about sharing a meal with another person. It has the ability to take down awkward social barriers and other inhibitions that may be keeping you from meeting new people. Before heading to the laundromat, you could stop by a gas station or grocery store and grab some chips, candy, or other snacks along with some drinks. If you’re really feeling generous, grab a whole pizza. If there aren’t too many people in the laundromat, make a friendly announcement and offer everyone some much-needed sustenance. This is guaranteed to break the ice with anyone in the room.


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