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Social Distancing Rules for the Laundry Room

Social Distancing Rules for the Laundry Room

Around the world, governments are implementing social distancing requirements in order to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, aka SARS-CoV-2. These measures are being exercised on federal, state, and local levels. Since laundry facilities have been deemed an “essential service” in many areas, it’s important for owners to have their own version of these social distancing rules in place to keep their staff and customers safe. All of these guidelines are designed to limit the spread of this disruptive and dangerous virus.


Allow a limited number of customers in at one time – This is something that laundry facility owners and customers should work together on. The CDC has recommended that people stay at least 6 feet apart from each other when out in public to help decrease the likelihood that the virus will spread from person to person. Due to the confined nature of most laundry facilities, it might be necessary to limit the number of customers allowed in at one time.


Maintain a 6-foot berth between other people – Even with a limited number of people in a laundry facility, it’s still critical to maintain that 6-foot distance. Owners can encourage this social distancing practice by placing chairs, folding tables, laundry bins, and other commonly used items 6-feet apart. If a line develops outside of your facility, it can also help to place markers so people in line also adhere to these separation guidelines.


Don’t wait inside the laundromat for your cycle to complete – In order to keep everything running efficiently and to encourage social distancing, it’s advisable for customers to wait outside the laundry facility for their clothes to finish. This allows other people to start their loads while also minimizing your exposure. Since most restaurants and coffee shops are closed, you can wait in your car or head home if it’s close enough. The only visits you make inside the laundry facility should be to load and unload your laundry.


Fold your clothes at home – Folding and any other service other than washing and drying needs to take place at home. Performing these activities in the laundry room increases your chances of exposure and makes it harder for laundry facilities to accommodate as many customers as possible given the current circumstances. Depending on what you’re washing, you could even let your clothes air dry at home.


Avoid doing laundry in groups – If you typically join friends or family members to do laundry, its advisable to start going alone. It’s difficult to maintain the 6-foot separation in bigger groups. If everyone makes an effort to enter the laundry facility alone, this will make things run more efficiently and safer.


Direct all inquiries online – Customers should take up all of their questions and comments via online means of communication. Laundry facility owners should post their preferred contact methods for customers to see. Whether that be by phone, email, or social media, these forms of communication limit the need for people to publicly gather in laundromats.


Laundry Locations will remain available throughout these unpredictable times to help serve our customers. We appreciate your continued loyalty and wanted to ensure you that our dedication to you will continue. By working together and heeding advice from public health officials, we can help curb the spread of this virus.