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The World’s Most Exciting and Enjoyable Laundromats

The World’s Most Exciting and Enjoyable Laundromats

Although laundromats serve an incredibly useful function, most don’t go out of their way to entertain customers. As long as a laundry facility has washers, dryers, change machines, and a place to sit, you’re probably pretty happy. Throw a vending machine and a TV into the mix and you’re really in heaven.


There are some places that have destroyed this stereotype of basic and boring laundromats. When you catch a glimpse of what these places have to offer, you might never want to wash your clothes in a normal laundry facility again. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most enjoyable and exciting laundromats.


Spin Laundry Lounge

The Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland is the perfect example of the city’s dedication to sustainability. This company’s entire operation is built around eco-friendliness. A large portion of staff bikes to work, the area is lit with LED bulbs, information about energy and water usage is available online, and all leftover laundry is donated to those in need. When it comes to fun and entertainment, Spin Laundry Lounge doesn’t disappoint. While your laundry is finishing up, you can relax on some comfy sofas, drink some coffee, sip a cold beer, play some pinball games, or catch up on the latest games via the laundromat’s giant projectors.


Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat

Everybody loves a nice, warm cup of coffee. And everybody needs to do their laundry. So why not put both of these necessities in one place? That’s exactly what the founder of the Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat did! This 2-in-1 laundromat experience doesn’t reinvent the wheel – it simply combines two staples in one place. Brainwash is located in downtown San Francisco and boasts everything you’d find at a normal cafe. You’ve got salads, soups, breakfast choices, burgers, and – of course- lots of coffee. The laundry side of the business doesn’t disappoint either with dry cleaning and fold service options on top of standard washers and dryers.


Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball

This laundromat in Brooklyn, New York has done the unthinkable. Instead of twiddling your thumbs anxiously awaiting the final buzzer on your laundry, you’ll be wishing you had more time to beat the high score on some classic games at the Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball. It’s equal parts arcade, art gallery, and full-part awesome. As if that wasn’t enough, Sunshine also serves refreshments. Taking advantage of the exciting atmosphere, this laundromat often hosts special events like Halloween and New Year’s parties. With a closing time of 4 am, this place might feel more like a bar than a place to clean your sweaty clothes.


Laundromat Cafe

This Scandinavian company found a way to offer laundry as a side-service rather than its main attraction. When you’re sipping on a brew at Laundromat Cafe, it’ll feel more like you’re getting your laundry done while having a coffee – instead of the other way around. Everything from the layout and seating to the decor and design feels like you’re in a world-class coffee shop. The entire atmosphere oozes charm and eloquence. Customers have found this concept to be so enjoyable that owners have opened up 3 other stores throughout Denmark and even one in Iceland. Here’s to hoping Laundromat Cafe makes its way to the states sometime soon.


Cafe Laundromat

This enjoyable laundromat in Oslo, Norway operates by a three simple guiding principles: eat, read, and wash. While a bag full of dirty laundry might be your primary motivation for visiting Cafe Laundromat, you’ll certainly find yourself in one of the most relaxing laundry facilities in the world. This place has a stacked menu with a diverse array of options for breakfast and lunch. When you’re waiting for your laundry to dry and enjoy a great meal and a refreshing drink, you can choose from thousands of books to get lost in a captivating story.


No matter what kind of laundromat you’re looking for, Laundry Locations can help you find the best option nearest you. Head on over to the site for an updated map of conveniently-located laundromats, contact information, and even some helpful laundry tips.