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Tips for Doing Laundry Safely in Public Facilities

Tips for Doing Laundry Safely in Public Facilities

Nearly every industry has either seen a complete shutdown or major changes as a result of the recent coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately for owners and customers alike, laundry facilities have been dubbed as an “essential service” in many states across the country – meaning that the shutdown doesn’t apply. Regardless, it’s still important to implement the same social distancing policies in order to stop the spread of this virus. To help fight the spread of Sars-CoV-2, we’ve put together a list of tips for doing laundry safely in public facilities.


Get in and get out

 To help keep you and others safe, you should try to be as quick as possible when doing your laundry. Prepare everything you need beforehand so you can show up and throw your load directly into the washing machine. The only time you should step foot into the facility is to change your loads. You can wait in your car or at home for the cycles to finish. When your clothes are done drying, simply throw them in your bag and leave. All of the folding should be done at home.


Avoid the crowds

It’s a win-win if you can find a time to get your laundry done when there is nobody around. Not only can you avoid the hassle of the crowds, but you can also limit exposure to yourself and others. Going early in the morning is always a safe bet, especially on the weekends when people want to sleep in. You can always check online to see the busiest hours for your given laundromat and avoid those times.


Be sanitary

 Sanitation is a critical factor in staying safe while doing laundry at a public facility. It’s smart to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or some disinfectant wipes on your person to regularly clean your hands after touching a commonly-used surface or object. After returning home from the laundry facility, you should scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds according to the CDC. Also, avoid touching your face (nose, eyes, mouth, etc.) when out in public.


Don’t use what you don’t have to

There are several items in a laundry facility that don’t have to be used in order to get your laundry cleaned. Other than touching the washers, dryers, and payment machines, you should try your best to avoid using unnecessary items. Laundry carts, drying racks, vending machines, and all other objects that aren’t needed to get your clothes clean should be left alone.


Remain mindful of others

 As we’ve come to learn about this virus, it’s clear that not everyone who gets infected exhibits symptoms. Even if you feel great, you should still look out for the health of others. When you’re finished using a washing machine or dryer, make sure to wipe down the knobs, buttons, and other commonly-touched areas with a disinfectant wipe. Try your best to avoid coming into close contact with anyone in the laundry facility when you’re there.


Use the hottest settings

 The CDC recommends drying clothes on the hottest setting that the material allows. You can check the tags to see what the maximum temperature is for each piece of clothing. Keep in mind that these washing guidelines are for people who have come into close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. However, it can’t hurt for others to wash their clothes in the same way as an added precaution.


Stay home if you’re sick

 Laundry facilities have been given the green light to remain open in some states since they provide an essential service, but this doesn’t mean that anyone should show up no matter how they’re feeling. If you or someone you live with isn’t feeling well, don’t put others at risk by coming to a public laundry facility. Keep an eye out for symptoms of the new coronavirus and always follow the CDC’s recommendations.



At Laundry Locations, we’ve made it our business to serve the laundry industry and that hasn’t changed. We’ll continue to provide services throughout this outbreak and will notify our customers of any important changes as things continue to develop.