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Why You Should Put Off Buying a Washing Machine and Dryer For as Long as Possible

Why You Should Put Off Buying a Washing Machine and Dryer For as Long as Possible

While you’re attending college, your housing situation is usually limited to dorm rooms, shared apartments, or smaller houses with a lot of roommates. When money is tight, so is your square footage. This lack of space and income leaves the average college student without easy access to a washing machine or dryer. By the time graduation rolls around and you’re moving into a new apartment or home, you may consider investing in these appliances. While their convenience can’t be argued, there are still some downsides that need to be considered. Here are some reasons why you should put off buying a washing machine and dryer for as long as possible.


It’s a considerable investment.

Washing machines and dryers are a considerable investment no matter your financial standing. Recent graduates aren’t the only people who sweat at the sheer thought of purchasing these appliances.  Although washing machines and dryers can range in price between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars, a vast majority of buyers will settle on something closer to the $600 to $800 range. Some estimates have placed the average cost of a washer and dryer at $700 and $600, respectively. A potential price tag of $1,000 or more is enough to make anyone think twice. This is a considerable investment for individuals who are trying to find their financial footing just out of college.


Your utility prices are going to increase.

Unfortunately, affording a washing machine and dryer isn’t as simple as making a one-time payment. Unless you plan to use these appliances for decoration only, you’ll have to foot higher utility costs in order to keep things running. If you weren’t accustomed to paying utility bills in college, these additional costs may come as a surprise. Washers and dryers are two massive appliances that suck up a lot of electricity and water each month. While these additions certainly aren’t going to break the bank, they are going to drive up your monthly living costs. This is something to consider, especially when laundromats offer a convenient alternative.


Laundromats are great places to meet new people.

Meeting new people is one of the greatest perks of going to college. It can be quite a transition to graduate as the opportunities for making new friends is considerably rarer outside of school. Although it may seem like a strange reason, there’s definitely a social aspect to laundromats that should encourage you to put off purchasing a washer or dryer for as long as possible. If we’re being honest, most people spend way too much time at home as it is. Heading to the laundromat to clean your smelly clothes is a great motivator to get you out of the house and meeting new people. Nobody needs an additional reason to stay cooped up at home away from the rest of the world.


You’re already limited on space.

Unless you landed a high-paying job straight out of college, there’s a good chance you’re still going to be limited on space when it comes to your housing situation. If you’re looking to optimize your living space with your limited square footage, two massive appliances certainly aren’t going to help the situation. When placed side-by-side, washing machines and dryers take up a considerable amount of room. Together, they average about 54-inches or about 4.5 feet in width. Although there are some washer and dryer combinations that are stackable, they tend to cost more money on average.


Don’t feel pressured to maintain the status quo.

After graduating from college, many people feel pressured to follow a certain series of steps, decisions, and actions that have become the standard over time. This ‘normal’ path could involve things as big as getting married or as benign as purchasing certain appliances. When you move out of a dorm or shared living space and into your first apartment or small home, you may feel a peculiar urge to buy a washing machine and dryer. Although the laundromat is more convenient and affordable, there may be a weird voice in your head trying to convince you that spend money on expensive appliances is the ‘adult’ thing to do. Don’t feel pressured to fall into the trap of maintaining the status quo. If continuing to go to the laundromat makes more sense to you than investing in a washing machine and dryer, don’t think twice about the decision.



If you’ve decided to forgo the purchase of a washer and dryer for a few more years, feel free to check out Laundry Locations for a detailed map of available laundromats in your area.