Offer effective-efficient marketing programs for your laundry room customers as a preferred reseller with Laundry Locations.

Be an invaluable partner to laundromat owners and operators.


Create a better relationship with your laundromat customers by helping their business grow. You can easily do this with Laundry Locations, which has a website that allows people to find laundromats online when looking for places in their neighborhood. The website has a listing of laundry locations with a map, so that your laundromat’s customers can see where they’re located and what they offer.


Help their business grow, so yours will too.


Many of your laundromat customers are so busy keeping their business running smoothly that they don’t have time to keep up with the basic online marketing tasks. But they can’t depend on drive-by traffic alone. You can help them increase the number of customers coming in the door with a better online presence, and they’ll be grateful to you for it.


Set yourself apart from your competition.


Let’s face it, without knowing more about you, others won’t think there’s a huge difference between you and the guy next door with the laundry room services you offer. Why not make it more than just a price war? You need to find other ways to be valuable to your laundry owners and operators. Making marketing easy and effective for them will save them a ton of headaches.


Get them to rely on you at a deeper level.


When you help them with their marketing, you’re not just crossing something off their list. You’re helping them get more revenue, peace of mind, and valuable time doing things they enjoy.  You’ll have a closer relationship with them, along with precious knowledge about the inner workings of their business.


Laundry Locations makes marketing effective and easy.


Besides the basic location map and listing, we offer marketing solutions that are simple and straightforward, at a very low cost to you so that you can include as sales incentive, resell as an added value or pass the savings on.


●     Website – we’ll build and manage it for them, so they don’t have to worry about it.

●     SEO – we’ll get them better online search results and maintain it for them.

●     Social – we’ll manage their Facebook posts and/or other platforms and blog content.

●     Reviews – we solicit, monitor, post and distribute testimonials from customers.

●     Content – we author original articles focused on the laundry room user interests.


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